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     Thomas Netherton Jenness III's Profile

Name: Thomas Netherton Jenness III
City: O'fallon
Zip: 63366
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Kendall
Favorite Subject: American History
Favorite Memory: 2 memories: 1)going on the train to watch the quarterfinal football game in the snow 2)surviving having to sing the school song as a duet before thousands at graduation!
About Me: 1)taught history 37 yrs. high sch.;2 yrs. college. Took students to D.C. workshops for 30 years. 2)two sons-one a GIS wildlife scientist in Flagstaff; and one who is a graphics artist in Alaska. 3)married for 43 years. Now have one grandchild, finally. 4) I collect Americana in too large amounts: comics, Life mags, political and historical, advertising stuff, movie posters, bottles,and old toys,etc. My wife gets even by collecting dolls...we have no where to sit. 5)I read constantly..usually ti 3 or 4 a.m. But I'm retired, right? 6) We may have moved to Missouri, but I am still Texas in my heart!