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     Sue (Howard)'s Profile

Name: Sue (Howard)
City: Fort Worth
State: TX
Zip: 76109-1362
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Ripper
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Favorite Memory: Train trips for the out of town games . Remember the Wichita Falls game when it turned so cold on the way home and we had no coats or sweaters with us. Great friends and wonderful memories.
About Me: I work at the Modern Art Museum. Have a small Estate Sale business on the side. Love to work in my garden and travel. Spending time whit our old friends is such a very "special" time. How lucky are we all to have had such great friends and still be able to see them as often as we do. Some only occasionally others often. Still a treat to share our lives with friends who have know us for almost all our lives. We are truly blessed.