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     Stan Woosley's Profile

Name: Stan Woosley
Other Phone: 831 423 7591
City: Santa Cruz
State: California
Zip: 95060
Email: woosley@ucolick.org
Favorite Teacher: Doc Benson
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Favorite Memory: Stardust. Trinity Episcopal Church. Blowing things up. Riding in cars with good music on the radio. Great teachers. More good friends than I can mention here.
About Me: Perhaps the first thing to note is that most of you will know me by a former name, Stan Dozier, which was my name at Pascal. A few years after graduation, I changed it back to the name I was born with - Stan Woosley. The second thing, is how often, 45+ years later, I think of those days at Paschal and my many friends there. It is only now that I am raising children of my own that I fully realize how important, and in some sense, priviliged those years were. After PHS, I spent 10 years at Rice University (undergraduate, graduate school and postdoc) and then 3 more at Cal Tech, training as a nuclear astrophysicist. I figured I was one, when I could pronounce it. Since 1975, I have been on the Astronomy Faculty of the University of California at Santa Cruz, where I now live with my wife Petra, who is from Germany, and our two children Mandy (b. 2001) and Willy (b 1999). More information on my career can be found at http://press.ucsc.edu/text.asp?pid=1902, at http://www.supersci.org/, and in the Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_E._Woosley.