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     Nancy Webb (Webb)'s Profile

Name: Nancy Webb (Webb)
City: Santa Rosa
State: CA
Zip: 95404
Favorite Teacher: Josie Vanderpool
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Memory: Goofing around with Jan Rozelle and Carol Caceres. Once Carol gave me a milk hair-rinse, and I went to school smelling like baby spit-up. My best tales re Jan -- I withold them on 5th Amendment grounds.
About Me: Married twice, first Howard Lathrop from Arlington Heights class of '61, now Alan Levine. We live in Northern CA on 80 acres where we operated a stock farm -- sheep, goats, cattle -- until I got tired of castrating lambs and went to law school. Was admitted to CA Bar in 2003. Mother of 4 and grandmother of 7. Favorite passtime: paddling outrigger canoes.