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     Donald "Don" Myers's Profile

Name: Donald "Don" Myers
City: Plano
State: TX
Zip: 75074
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Vanderpool
Favorite Subject: Biology
Favorite Memory: My girlfriend used my best friend to make me jealous. I dropped her like a hot rock and she spent the remainder of the year trying to get me back. It was a blast as I played hard to get. We made up at my graduation and married six years later.
About Me: I have been retired from the USAF for 20 years as a Senior Master Sergeant after serving 22 years. I am happily married for five years to my second wife (my first passed away in 2002). Depending on how you are counting, I have eight children or four. I inherited three when I remarried and we have an 18-year-old Korean young man living with us and as his legal guardian while he is in the United States, we treat him just like one of our own children. In fact, he calls us mom and dad. He makes number eight. We also have nine grandchildren with numbers ten and eleven on the way (due in September and December). My wife and I are attending a Korean Christian church and neither of us is Korean. We also self-published a book titled "And How Shall They Hear?"