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     Carl Armstrong's Profile

Name: Carl Armstrong
City: Myrtle Beach
State: SC
Zip: 29588
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Memory: Learning: The challenge of advance math courses and physics. Social: The presence of school spirit at assemblies and pep rallies; meeting interesting people. Teachers: Better then than today.
About Me: Completed a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from Univeristy of Texas at Arlington. Entered US Navy Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida. After commissioning, entered jet flight training and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1969. Designated a fleet pilot flying light attack jet aircraft from aircraft carriers on the west coast. Completed two combat tours (called cruises) operating from the USS Enterprise in the Gulf of Tonkin and flew one of the last flights of the Vietnam War. Primary mission was interdiction, dropping all types of ordnance in the theater, including the mining of Haiphong Harbor. Completed two more cruises in peacetime, flying sea lane patrol and force projection missions from USS Constellation and USS Coral Sea. There were many ports of call. Served with the US Air Force on an exchange tour flying A-10 aircraft from Myrtle Beach AFB, SC. After attending the Naval War College and acquiring a Masters in Management, my final assignment was in the Pentagon, and the US Navy Yard in DC. Served with air operations staff and as a liasion between the Navy and the Federal Aviation Administration. Retired and relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC. Presently employed by a land development/property management firm. No signs of retirement in sight. Married to Sara Sue, who also served as an officer in the Navy. Two children: Michael (lives in Myrtle Beach; two children) and Robyn (lives in Northern Virginia; four children).