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     Jason "Jay" Phelps's Profile

Name: Jason "Jay" Phelps
City: Topeka
State: Kansas
Zip: 66614
Email: jasonphel@gmail.com
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Grada Stedman
Favorite Subject: Band
Favorite Memory: The band went to Wichita Falls to play the half time activities for the simi-final football game. It was a cold trip because we took the school bus. I was thrilled to be able to sit with Yolanda Saldana. Two years later she became my wife.
About Me: Out of high school I spent one semester at T.C.U. then enlisted into the U.S. Air Force as an K-9 Air Policeman and was stationed in Wichita Falls, where Yolanda (Lana) and I were married. Imagine that! After the service, I went to broadcasting school in Hollywood, CA and stayed in that career for twelve years working as radio announcer, TV announcer, doing commercials and part time weatherman. During that time, I also went to Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, graduating with a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice in 1978. Then I took a position at the university as their audio/visual coordinator staying there for twenty-eight years before retiring. Some how during that time period I managed to be a private investigator, do family history (genealogy) raise two sons, be active in my church, and stay married. It's been a wonderful life and I thank God for it.